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At MarHaven Shepherds we constantly strive for a healthy, sound, beautiful, long striding athletic animal that is completely sound in character. We take pride in producing German Shepherd Dogs that can win in the conformation show ring and are used successfully for Search & Rescue, Herding, Guide Dogs, Therapy dogs,Agility dogs, Avalanche dogs and great all-around family dogs!! We believe the intelligence, soundness and amazing versatility of this breed is what makes it a truly Great Breed. We love a long striding, powerful stallion male, and strong athletic bitches.   These qualities, to us,  is crucial to the beauty of this breed and is a successful result of adhering to the Standard as we understand it.

Our 1997 U. S. Grand Victor Champion Mar Haven's Color Guard is the epitome of what we personally strive for.  He is totally sound mentally, and physically.   He is O.F.A. certified both hips and elbows and is producing it.  He has two herding titles, is Temperament Certified, and has earned the Award of Excellence. We are very proud of his earning the title of # 1 stud dog for 1999 and the coveted R.O.M and R.O.M.C. for Canada also.  His beautiful carriage and powerful ground covering gait is the proof of our belief in our A.K.C. Standard of Excellence.

We see these same characteristics in most of his progeny, especially his sons. It is with great pride and enjoyment that we spend our time with 'the BOSS' and watch his sons continue the expectation and tradition he has set before us!   The ability of his progeny to produce as well, is the Proof of their Heritage from him.

We live on five acres in the beautiful Gold Country of the Foothills of the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California. Our dogs are raised in a family setting with us. They are exercised on some of the mountain trails in this area and along the Bear River, where they love to swim and play in the water. We love visitors, and our dogs love visitors, and invite anyone to drop in and visit us and our dogs and occasional puppies for some good old fashioned 'dog talk'!
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